Roman Catholics Attending Eastern Parishes

Several parishioners from our church regularly attend a Maronite church. They are Roman Catholic. Are our obligations for Mass met while attending Divine Liturgy at this church? Also are we restricted in any way from participation e.i. receiving the Holy Eucharist or having our children baptized in this rite?

Any Catholic can receive the Eucharist at any Catholic parish, whether it be an Eastern or Western parish. Thus, Roman Catholics can fulfill their Sunday obligation by attending an Eastern Catholic parish. They are also welcome to go to confession, and receive the annointing of the sick in an Eastern parish. However, they must have their kids baptized in a Roman Catholic parish. Children must always be baptized according to the Rite of the parents, unless absolute necessity dictates otherwise. If they are very attached to the Maronite Church, and wish to have their children raised as Maronites, the parents would have to obtain a formal change of Ritual Church for themselves. At that point they would cease to be Roman Catholic, and would be Maronite.